Monday, January 2, 2012

While No One Was Looking They Jacked Up The Meter, Peter

Parking Meter Strike

In Washington they've gone too far
cheating meters to park your car.
"Enough, enough," the meters say.
If you had your way we'd get no pay."

"Strike, strike," the meters shout.
"It's time we got, not do without.
We want more money, yes it's true
now load it before we ticket you."

Alas, the 1% even grips the throats of the lowly parking meters-- is no one secure in this economy?

Another Chapter In The History Of Equal Rights For Parking Meters

Striking The Capitol Steps!

"Strike, strike!" the meters cry,
"It's time we got our shake.
No more will we be cheated.
We want the market rate.
We want ten bucks an hour
'cause we've got families too.
So just pull out those credit cards
and give us what we're due."

Parking Meter Union spokeswoman, Ima Onapole stated, "We parking meters deserve a living wage, if you don't like it then walk to work."

Stiff Upper Lipped Parking Meters

Lonely Meter

A parking meter stands and waits
as cars, they just pass by
looking for free parking
at malls where they can buy
anything to waste a buck,
anything to try.
The meter stands there lonely
but never does she cry.

This has been another concrete installation of Parking Meter Poetry-- the saga of a dying breed, struggling to hold on, struggling to get by in a new global economy that has no sympathy for insignificant minorities and sees them as standing in the way just as parking meters stand lonely, waiting for your spare change while performing a valued public service no one cares about or wants to do.

Everybody loves Parking Meters

Happy Shiny Parking Meters

I'm tarnished, bent, there's sometimes rust.
Once a year, the city paints and dusts.
Then the bikers come on steel steeds to roam
and I'm thinking, Why can't I be chromed?

Alas, the Saga of the Lowly Parking Meters continues... Why? Because, like your lowly scribe, they too have a voice few want to hear and even fewer will ever know.

Stay tuned next time when a parking meter says.....

Parking Meters Living In Fear

What We've Got Here Is... A Failure To Communicate

"I'm lonely," the parking meter said.
"My best friend's a meter maid.
But she leaves me alone each Friday night
after she get's paid.
She never worries how I feel--
I'm still here, she's long gone.
What if a drunk with a pipe cutter comes
while I'm out here all alone?"

Who knew that parking meters were watching old movies? Must be those DVD players in those new SUVs left on while people run inside. I guess someone should explain to her that like Parking Meter Poetry, Cool Hand Luke is fiction. Or is it?