Friday, February 26, 2016

Downtown Greensboro Parking Blues

They gave you a ticket,
it's not our fault.
We warned high tech would be that way
before that crap was bought.

But you just had to have it,
you had to cut us down
so now we meter deserts
and you can't park downtown.

Once again, Another American city sells their reliable old parking meters at public auction only to replace them with high tech electronics that never work but in Greensboro, North Carolina they take it one step farther, they ticket drivers for parking at broken electronic meters.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tuscon Parking Meter Plague

'Twas a time when we were healthy,
ate coins, took daily craps
but now we're sick, a dying breed
infected with the apps.

Alas, is there no hope for our old friends the Parking Meters? Will no one find a cure? Tune in next time when a meter maid says, "What, do I look like a nurse or something? Just swipe your card and sign the ticket."

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keen Parking Meters Voice Their Opinion

We don't care who fills us up,
we want our bellies filled.
Suing folks for feeding us
is robbing from our till.
The courts should recognize us too
as we're the ones who suffer
as Keene, New Hampshire rakes in fines
we do without our supper.

And we're keen to their tricks...

Will the courts consider the plight of Keene's hungry parking meters or will they, like parking meters around the world, be left to die a slow and painful death? stay tuned to Parking Meter Poetry to learn their fate and the fate of parking meters everywhere. After all, parking meters are people too.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Parking Meters Reject App Technology

First you try to cheat us,
just not pay at all.
Then you switched to credit cards
to bring about our fall.
Now with new technology
you lure us to your trap.
Well just show us your money
'cause we don't want your app!

Sad but true, parking meters all over the nation are growing concerned that new technologies might not pay off for them and only end up being profitable for the designers of high tech applications and software designers who cash in via remote and run with the money while the parking meters remain attached to their polls unable to pursue.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Conflicted Meter

They left me here to guard this parking space,
a prisoner of the human race,
my job to make you pay your fee
while you think you should park for free.

What is it with you people?

And so it is, we now know how they view us and why parking meters believe they should be the ones to rule the world with their everyone pays the same logic and no one parks for free rules. After all, it was us who put them here and programmed them to be the way they are but when it comes to following our own rules... Well, let me put it this way, when was the last time you heard of a parking meter getting a ticket?